22 February 2010

Did I mention....

that I am
 oh so
 ready for spring?

That I am completely 
tired of snow...

that it is supposed to 
snow here in the next few days?

I want daffodils,
and tulips,
and crocus,
red-bud trees,
and azaleas,
warm weather.

I want to 
sit on the beach with 
sand in my shoes...

I am a 
Carolina Girl at heart...
when March comes around...
my thoughts stray
to the 
Carolina shore.

Some twenty years ago,
I was in a wedding,
as a bridesmaid,
on an island just south of Charleston, SC
the first weekend in March.
The weather was unseasonably warm,
in the 80's....
and we watched porpoises
just off the shore...
It was a magical weekend.
Live Oaks and Spanish Moss...

I am so ready for spring...


  1. That photo looks like a painting! how beautiful! I, too, am ready for all the colors that springs brings... especially here in Atlanta!

  2. We are all ready. Let's make lemonade and pull out our easy chairs.

  3. Hi Ellen
    Love this image.. I can almost understand how you feel.. i am dreading winter coming here... I'm just not ready for dark and short days and cold winds.. I know it doesn't get as cold here as there.. but still... don't want it!! haha

    Won't be long for you now!!! hang in there!! xx Julie

    Oh.. love that wedding shot from the previous post... she is so filled with joy and hope!!

  4. such a lovely flower to brighten up a snowy february day here in chicago! thanks so much for the sweet comment over at urban flea as always, it really does make my day! hope you have a wonderful week!

    xo urban flea

  5. HUGE audible intake of breath! This is one of the finest photos of a flower in its natural habitat that I've ever seen. Gorgeous.

    Psst...do you have more? Maybe I should feature you twice during the year: bridal and non-bridal. We'd have to space them apart by several months.

  6. Yours is the second post in my reader this morning to feature a picture of tulips. I'm ready for spring too.

  7. Thank you all! big smiles.

  8. That photo is absolutely astonishing. Saw you on PJ's blog and I thought I'd stop by!

  9. I love your description of spring - I can almost feel the sand in my shoes! Leigh


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