23 February 2010

When in Italy....

take the opportunity to shoot brides

wherever possible...

This couple was being photographed 
(very adequately, I must say)
and I was on vacation.

But that dress caught my eye!

Look at the weight of the fabric! 

Look at the detail!

They were in the right spot,
and so was I!

I couldn't resist.
So happy,
so pleased with the day,
so ready for the future...

I think this may be one of the reasons that 
I adore weddings.
So much promise, hope and joy! 

Of course there are exceptions,
but for the most part I have 
had the privilege to shoot 
many weddings just as 
happy and special as the one above.



  1. What a gorgeous photo. It's too bad you couldn't have shared this somehow with the happy couple. I can hardly think their professional photographers did it any better.

  2. I can see how you notice these things and are able to highlight them in your photos. Lovely.

  3. what a lovely photo! i've never been to italy, and i've always desperately wanted to go... thank you so so much for the sweet comments over at urban flea, they really do make my day! have a great week my dear!

    xo urban flea

  4. Is that at the base of the Rialto? THAT IS MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Ahhhh

  5. It is indeed at the base of the Rialto Bridge....good eye!
    and it is one of my favorite places also....smiles.

  6. ahhh Venezia
    Also my very favourite place on earth and Italy my favourite country! It would definitely be a dream to have one's wedding there! I've been twice and love pouring over my photos and dreaming of going back. Such a special place.. and great shot... !! She does look full of hope! xx Julie

  7. Sensational dress...but can you imagine how much weight that added to her small frame? I'm sure her attendants were following her around, fixing the train and such all day long.

    Worth it for the beauty though......

  8. Oh, my, yes, this is the ultimate destination... It's been 15 years since the first time...maybe next year... :) – g

  9. Beautiful. Absolutely radiant.


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