06 January 2010

My word for 2010....

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just

watch what they do.

-Andrew Carnegie

Isn't this good advice?

It has taken me a very long time to learn lessons of life.
I feel like an infant in the realm of human relations, sometimes.
I am exactly what my junior high teacher, Mr Sherrill said in my
"Constantly surprised by life,
and seemingly amused".

You might think,
in my 5th decade of life,
that I would be a bit more savvy.

But no...
I am constantly surprised....
amazingly,......still amused.

is now my chosen work fo the year.
I have noticed that several, of the bloggers
I follow, have chosen words.
So, I thought I would, too.

Authentic: genuine, real.
that fits in nicely with my outlook for this
year of 2010...
I want to be authentic in my acts and deeds...
I hope to choose my fellow travelers carefully,
by watching their actions,
rather than
their words.

you may say
"Ellen, how the heck are you going to judge whether
bloggers are authentic?"
As those of you who do this daily,
whether reading or writing or simply perusing..
you can tell..


  1. Authentic...good choice. May it apply to the whole decade, but I can take it year by year.
    Love the photo. Looks so delicate, yet sturdy:>)
    I hadn't thought of choosing a word for the year. The word verification right now for this comment is "fogingo." I may have to ponder that one!!

  2. I truly think authentic is easy to judge. I believe it is much harder to deceive people by not being yourself than folks realize. As for me, I'm way to lazy to even try:)

  3. Yes, once we have made it this far, it all boils down to the essentials, doesn't it? I don't have time to peel back all the layers -- give me the authentic person!

    Happy New Year, Ellen, and I hope you had a wonderful anniversary, too. :)


  4. Wonderful New Year and absolutely a wonderful anniversary...thank you! smiles.

  5. Good word.

    How's this for authentic: That beautiful flower looks like a vagina to me.

    I actually thought your word for the year was going to be vagina because of the photo.

    I shall now give myself a time out.

  6. I am laughing....seriously....smiles.

  7. Oh yes. You can tell.

    Nice photo.

  8. Wonderful word that will be a very telling barometer of words and deeds for you through this year. I'm working on a word...so many would be appropriate! Thank you much for the birthday wishes!! :) – g

  9. I have always loved that word!! It is so very refreshing & something we should all strive to be. It's so much easier to be real. Then you find out everyone else is real too! :o)

    I love love love your photography!




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