20 December 2010

Very popular in the 70's....

Remember Kahil Gibran?

He wrote The Prophet
which was particularly popular in the late 1970's.

He was a Lebanese-American 
who had a rather interesting life.

This is one of my favorite quotes...

Wake at dawn with a winged heart 
and give thanks for another day of loving
.- Kahlil Gibran

Doesn't that just paint the finest of all possible 
scenarios for you?

Is that the way you would always like to awaken?

me too...

Fortunately,... I did this morning.
Re-freshed and well rested
(don't hate me)
because my annual Christmas party is 
behind me now....

We had lots of fun..
we always do,
but as with most things
holiday, it required preparation 
weeks in advance.

We are blessed though...
friends that truly appreciate us,
and the effort we put into 
our holiday events.

I hope that your 
holidays are worth every bit of effort 
that you put into them.

and more.....


  1. First of all - I was reared on Gibran because my mother was a huge fan and I made it my personal crusade to introduce others to him.

    Second of all - Beautiful home, glorious decorations and my butt actually increased in size just looking at the bounty of food on your table!!!!!

  2. Yes, very familiar with Gibran who was so popular, then went out of favor and now I see his quotes regularly again.

    I'm glad you awoke with a winged heart and congrats on your successful party. Your home looks wonderful, festive and welcoming.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, Ellen, and a bright new year! Thank you for all your visits and kindness this year. xo


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.