24 December 2010

Holiday observations...

Do things seem slightly strange around your house?
Sounds that creep in from outside....Getting to you?
Maybe there are strange smells emanating from your kitchen.....
or even your fireplace...
What's it all about Alfie?

It is the Holidays....
it started way back in the early fall....
no more waiting until after Thanksgiving to think about 

And so it is...
hurried shopping-check
snarled traffic-check
crazed parents-check
excited squealing children-check
satisfied smiling grandparents-check

Here are some things I have noticed;
neighbors, who normally don't speak - talking and laughing
children, who would normally leave the table in a flash - doing the dishes
smiles from people who wear a frown 11 1/2  months of the year
strange sitings in the neighborhood...

One of those strange sightings was a 
partially "dressed" Christmas tree, lying on the curb,
Apparently thrown out in haste.

Now, that's odd....it appeared nearly a week ago....
it is a fresh green tree, with a string or two of
colored lights. 
And yet, there it is,
waiting for the dump truck.
Well, for a person with an enquiring mind....
this is food for fodder.....
what brought on this fit of 
Tree tossing?
Where is the culprit?
Was he/she mad at the difficulty with which lights are strung?
Was there a fight?
Someone wanted white lights, and the stringer wanted colored?
Who won?
What are they doing about Christmas now?
Why weren't we all informed, so that we didn't have to guess?
As you can see.... the person with the enquiring mind is in a dilemma

I was sitting with my sweetie at the coffee shop when a neighbor
stopped by for a chat.
Seems the person who owned the tree in question, had 
brought it home, set it up in a stand,watered it, let the limbs relax,
and then,
started to string the lights....when all of a sudden
they noticed 
everywhere....coming out of the tree!
apparently, some spider momma had laid her eggs
earlier in the year, and went off to die,
leaving her eggs to incubate for the winter,
hoping to hatch in the spring.
But NO@!
Mr. Tree Farmer came along in the fall and 
chopped that tree down,
wrapped it up,
and took it to town 
for sale.....

Ever hear of such a thing?
not me....smiles...


  1. Yipes!! That would definitely put a lull on the Christmas spirit!

  2. I don't know what I would have done if that had been MY tree!

  3. well, bahh humbug to Mr. Farmer!

    I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

    From our home to yours.... Happy Christmas Eve!


  4. That gives me the creeps! I am truly afraid of spiders....and that would be singular, actually. A bunch of them? I'd be ready for a rubber room!

    Merry Christmas, Ellen! xo


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