11 October 2010

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.....

I love this....

I can still recite the "talk"....
once memorized I am not sure you would ever
forget it.

I have been "retired" 
for over 15 years,
but there are still nights that I dream 
about being late to the airport.....
sheer terror.

It was not a job for the perpetually 
or for those who need hours to dress.....
or for those with OCD.....

But it was (and is!) a fabulous job 
for the young person afflicted with wanderlust...


  1. I used to want that job when I was young - I thought it was the ultimate in a glamorous lifestyle. Enjoy your week! xx

  2. It's amazing how something that is so annoying when you hear it over and over again on plane rides can be so adorable from small children.

    I'm blog hopping today and happened to come across yours. Thought I would say hello! Thanks for sharing that adorable video.

  3. I remember fantasizing that I should be a stewardess when I was in 10th grade. It was all so glamorous! What fabulous adventures you must have had! I bet there are a bunch of blog posts in there somewhere!


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