24 September 2010

I never promised you a rose garden....

today, I was blessed with a visit to one 
here in my town.

It is a major attraction in the spring,
but when September sneaks into town,
the place becomes relatively quiet,
and dominated by bussing bees
preparing for winter.....

It has been very hot here...
have I mentioned that?
today it got up to 92 degrees.

So the roses are 
"given it all she's got, Captain!"

Well, I know they aren't all roses...
but they were all lovely...


  1. Beautiful!

    After several days of hot (mid-90s) weather, our area finally got back to fall today. Hope cooler temps come your way soon.

  2. Lovvvvve the photos today! Some of those roses look as though I could reach out and pick them!

    It waas 97 degrees yesterday (Friday) here in small state. I thought I would die. Oy.

  3. Great shots, Ellen. Hope you have a great week!

  4. What a beautiful place, Ellen. The roses are lovely and that greenish butterfly is amazing! Thank you for the tour – although I'm glad it's not 92 here. Although it's nearly 80 and humid – unusual for us. Have a super week. xo – g

  5. Every one is beautiful...buds, flowers, seeds: I love them all.


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