29 September 2010

A giveaway......Big Smiles.....!

Some of you know...
and some don't.
I have an Etsy shop,
 I am an Etsy addict.....
I love to peruse the pages of Etsy
looking for inspiration,
gifts, decor ideas,
you name it...

So I was very flattered when 
Anne at magalerie
asked if I would like to participate in a 
Oh yeah!
you betcha......smiles

Here are some of my favorite images from magalerie

The elegant simplicity 
and simple, clean structure
grabs my attention each time.

Here's how it works.
Go to her shop
purchase an image,
and as you make your purchase,
leave her a message
first telling her that you found out about this 
(My shop)
and then, which 
image you would like for FREE.
That's right 
Buy One Get One for free....
(same size)

Seems to me that this is an easy way to 
get started on Christmas gifts.
Even if they are for yourself...


  1. Is it my imagination or do the pebbles remind you of the "intaglio " framed collections popular these days?

  2. Her work is simple and fresh looking. I liked it all, but I have no wall or shelf space. In a house this size, that's rather shameful, but it's true.

  3. Love the simplicity and calm of these images.

  4. The pebbles are amazing! I didn't know you had a shop! How wonderful!

  5. Love it! Thanks for the tip.

  6. Fabulous offer.. I love the little beach huts... so lovely!!

    Apologies for delay in visiting.. been stuck with no internet this past week or so... take care .. xxx Julie


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