02 August 2010

DUDE!.....where's my car!

That's what we were all thinkin'.....
them, sweetie and me....
all wishin', hopin', dreamin', scheemin'....
that the crowding would stop...

Nine hours plus
in the same 24 square feet
(no, I didn't measure, just guessin)
bored (them)
tired (us)

When was the last time you traveled with your 
children, of any age,
and if they were of driving age,
did you let them drive?
We couldn't....the car was borrowed...
and besides,
we are fighting the grey hairs
with all we got anyway.....


  1. Yikes, six hours is about our limit... have fun, take lots of pictures! :)

  2. Last time we went anywhere as a family was to Son #2's wedding two hours away. Because we had suitcases, tuxes, and my dress, the other four members of the family took two cars. Son #1 drove with his youngest brother in Hubby's car so Hubby and I could be together. I'm not sure if that was a thoughtful or selfish move on his part :-)

  3. LOLOL Been there; done that.


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