27 March 2010


This is how memories work for me....
they look like shadows...
they are never detailed and clear.

Sometimes my memories can be triggered by
or a song,
or a child's squeal,
or a breeze....

But mostly my memories
 are like a vague shadow that has 
highlights all over it....
that is how
I remember this wedding.

The lights were a photographer's 
It was great for ambiance,
but absolutely 
horrendous for 
capturing images.
Especially as this was a time
 when I was still using film.
Even high-speed film
struggles with low light situations.

I captured many moments
 that were much better than this one, 
but I like this one,
because of the way the 
overhead light bounces off her dress...
and veil...
and his close cropped hair...
splendid memories.

What do your memories look like?
Are they mostly shadows like mine?
Or, are they refined bits of crystal clarity?
Tell me, please.....smiles.


  1. We reconstruct them in our heads, from pictures, from stories others tell us, from glimpses of similar patterns. When we set them down in a story; they breathe with a spirit of their own.

  2. Mine are vivid and vague; real and imagined. It's all a bit of a jumble at this point in my life.


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