12 January 2010


I am rarely cold....
Hot Flashes are de rigueur these days...
Even my sweetie, who has always run hot...is cold...
Only in the last week have I
 started to wear slippers AND socks around the house.
And I have cut a slit in the sleeves of a "felted" wool sweater
that I had sitting on my sewing desk, and have tugged them onto my
forearms in an attempt to keep my
wrists and joints warm.
(Am I sounding pitiful enough yet?)

You would absolutely laugh at me
if you knew what the temperatures were like
here where I live....
in the sunny south....
(head hanging down...)

But I am coping well
(I know you are relieved)
I have adopted a routine
that helps.

I make
cups of coffee for
me and my sweetie...
I love a good French Press..
which in itself sounds
slightly sexual...
it's not.

Here is what it actually is...

You start with
the carafe, coffee
and hot water.
Simple is good.

Stir it up..

Put the lid on...


While waiting...you can prepare your cups....

Once you have waited about 3-5 minutes,
press the plunger down..
and pour out that hot brown goodness..

Add additives as needed..

And enjoy...
actually, hot...
cradle that mug close and
enjoy the snuggly warmth..
feel the little
pick me up that the caffeine

Oh, yeah...
that is a cozy that I made out of
left overs from Christmas projects..
it keeps my French Press warm.


  1. that is so cool! I have always wondered how to make coffee in those french presses! thanks for the tutorial! and thanks for your ever smile and encouragemnet on my blog! your comments always feel like a hug from an old friend! thanks! I wish I could come try some of that great coffee!

  2. Come over for a cup...anytime...smiles.

  3. I have a hot flash every night at 3:00 am. I swear I can set my clock by it. I think I need iced coffee. Or iced tea. ;)

  4. I KNOW!! Ice packs to bed....smiles.


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