07 December 2009

Ironic....me thinks....

See how lovely this looks?
How quiet....serene....calm...?

The sweetie and I spent last evening looking quite a bit like the
Keystone Kops....
(not a look I would advocate)

You see...
as I checked on the laundry yesterday afternoon...
I discovered that the load, which had been
was wet.

The dryer passed away from exhaustion.
the washer
has been complaining,
for months....
that she is
carrying the load....

the washer, bless her heart,
has been struggling along on one cycle
for over a year.
She's over it.

after a trip to the local Lowe's,
to make arrangements for a new duo...
we started to think about the
configuration of the laundry room,
and the fact that we had just commited to
a new set,
that was considerably larger
than the funerary couple.

when we arrived home and started to
measure (that's what engineers do)
and visualize (that's what photographers do)
we realized that
we were cornered.

We had to find a new place for the
refrigerator, left over from our
kitchen redo.
that meant
taking off it's doors,
and taking out all the contents...
and moving it down the hall to a
storage closet filled with chairs.

Oh, did I mention that I had
wet laundry sitting around waiting for
it's turn in the tumbler?

After a break
to dry laundry at the parents,
(who served us tuna casserole, how lucky are we!)
we came home...
to still another
storage problem...
what to do with the
eight dining room chairs
that had previously been stored in the
closet where the fridge now hummed contentedly....
make the guest room beds that were waiting for the
newly dried sheets....
 find a place for the microwave, whose only use is to
pop popcorn during football games....

it was like dominoes.
move one..
you know.



  1. Yes, when you start one project around the house things tend to snowball.

    Sorry to hear you had to buy appliances at this time of year.

  2. I have a lot of projects like that! Maybe I need to have that barn sale this spring.

    Thanks for visiting my essays blog. I do hope that's the recipe you remember. I know what those old family recipes mean... It brightened my day to think that I had brought it back to you!

    Have a delightfully merry Christmas!


  3. too funny!!!
    well I better not ask if you made any of the craft projects on my site!! hee hee. It seems there is always some fun little somethin' that comes up, huh?! :o)

    Thanks for coming by & I hope you are enjoying the new appliances!


  4. I will say that the new couple makes laundry a lot easier...smiles.

  5. Dominoes or musical....hmmm...I was going to say musical chairs but that's only one small part of it.

    We got a new duo early this summer and they've literally changed my life. You have many happy hours of doing fewer, larger loads, using less energy, soap and water.

    Mine even sound like the icecream truck!

  6. Yes...I've got them going right now! they are so quiet...I can hardly believe it!


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.