26 November 2009

This is what I am so grateful for....

My sweet son...
 this is not a current photo.
This little boy is now 21 yrs old.
He is visiting a hospital bound uncle today.
So... I do not get the pleasure of feeding him way too much food.
I am blessed.
He is a good man.
He is actually one of the most caring
and interesting people I know.
(of course my opinion only matters to me)
I am fortunate to have been
assisted in raising him
by his wonderful dad,
my patient parents,
dozens of fabulous teachers
who have over the years
encouraged him

his dad and I are not married now,
and haven't been for over 16 years,
we have tried to bring him up
without seeing our disagreements.
(his father is actually better at this than me, my guess)
We have been blessed in return
by having a son that is
better than either of us
deserve or could wish for...

I know that this may sound like
I believe I played a major role.
not true.
I know that
the most I can take credit for is
having made dinner,
cleaned clothes,
had a few parties,
basically tried to act like an adult.
(sometimes worked, and others....well)

This is what I am grateful for today.
How about you?
What are you grateful for?
I would love to hear from you...
Happy Day.


  1. We had a full house...all the kids home, as well as Son #2's fiancee. It was wonderful, and ending all too soon. The first car just pulled away.

  2. I know...it does end seemingly just when you start to relax...
    I am still full 24 hours later...glad to hear you had fun!

  3. I am grateful for so many things - my husband, my family and friends, my very sweet natured and hilarious dogs.

    I am grateful to work in such a caring environment. Life is wonderful.

    Love your blog as always x

  4. I forgot to say how grateful I am for bloggers...a wonderfully giving group of people, I'd say...big smiles.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.