22 November 2009

Tastes from the past....

enjoyed today....

This morning brought a breakfast flooded with memories..

It all started with a visit.
Several days ago,
a sweet lady named Anne
came to see me...
she had a photographic need..
that I am in the process of filling.
But what she brought for me
is pertinent here.
She brought eggs.
Eggs from her farm,
her chickens,
her effort,
her loving care.

These eggs were purposely saved for Sunday morning.
As they are special.
when I took my first bite....

I remembered....

being a child,
waking up to the smell of bacon...
fried green tomatoes,
oh my!

These were REAL eggs.

I had forgotten what a real egg
tastes like.

How sad....
I didn't even know,

that I had fallen into the same trap
 that we all have fallen into,
at one time or another.

The trap of convenience.
The neighborhood chain store,
that brings us everything we need.....

or does it?

Maybe not.
As these eggs reminded me,
Eggs have a taste.
They are not bland.
Not real eggs.

I think I will ask for the photographic bill
to be paid in eggs...


  1. Although I like the convenience of ground coffee, we always have a bag of Eight O'clock coffee beans in the house to use on the weekend.

  2. We love the beans...a friend of mine, who roasts his own beans says that eight o'clock is the very best of store bought beans, hands down...high compliment from someon who stays up late after work to mind the roaster....smiles.


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