24 September 2009

Can you say obsession....sure I knew you could...

Isn't it funny...
that when we find something
we really like to do,
that all we can think of is doing it some more?
I know this sounds just a little
but I have a tendency to flounder if I don't have
a "mission",
a "project",
a "focus"...
something to do,
that keeps me out of trouble.
In fact,
my BFF used to call me the
"Project Queen"....
and that was back in the late 1980's...
I have only gotten worse...
or better...
depends how you define
I am liking my current obsession.
I still get sort of
a thrill from finding really
good, cute recycled jeans....
usually Levi's.
For the moment,
you don't need to lock up
your valuables...
I am focused and
not likely to stray out at night...
not yet...
I'll keep you informed.


  1. My children use to say, oh, you do not know what a monster you create when you give mom a project.


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