15 May 2009

Sweet Summer Sunshine!

I love summer!
Always have.....
I even like to sweat a bit.....
not from hot flashes,
but from hot summer sunshine.
I love the products of summer,
Sunny smiles,
Super Swimming pools,
the smell of suntan lotion (Coppertone)
Silly sassy swimsuits on little girls,
Super Squirt guns in little boys hands,
I love summer!
I went over to our neighborhood pool this morning
and put up all the umbrellas.....
not because it was hot,
but just because I like how it looked.
I love summer!

1 comment:

  1. I love all the seasons, they all have something special about them, for me what I love about Summer is the long days of sunlight, and the flowers. I do hate the heat though.


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