20 May 2009


What's that strange growl emanating from my throat?
That mucus laden croak that sounds strangely like me?
What is that pain in my sinuses that nothing can touch?
It's the "takes forever to get over cough"
that seems to sweeping the land....
No one is immune, from what I have seen.
Men, women and children all croaking weakly.....
Now, the details of this ailment need not be reproduced for
"the delicate reader"....
but suffice to say, strange things have surfaced.
Coughs creep in from dark recesses to take me to my knees.
aches and pains are mostly treated with my favorite standby,
BC powders and a Diet Coke to wash it down.
But the coughing in the middle of the night is making me weak during the day.
I am sick of being sick.
We have cancelled our trip to visit my father-in-law, because we are
both dealing with this......blob of mucus.
Thank goodness for sunshine, blue skies, please don't go away...
My cough sounds like a bowl of rough ground clay....


  1. yes, I know what you mean, I have it off and on too. FEEL BETTER! xoxo

  2. Thank you!
    Better today,
    not well....
    but better.
    You too I hope.

  3. Know what you mean. It's exhausting. Hope you feel better soon. If not, get thee to a doctor for some stronger therapy, especially for that cough. Promise??
    PS. Word verification--winery:>)

  4. Thank you ALL!
    I am so much better!


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