29 April 2009

Happy thoughts....

Well....I am doing my best to have those happy thoughts...
Two miserable days of the "24 hour bug".....
(ie; vomiting)
have left me searching for something to smile about.
No..it's not SWINE FLU!
Every concerned phone caller inquires, so..
I am much better now.
(sounds like a quote from Monty Python)
Really I am.
no more flights to the toilet.
no more dry toast
no more regular Coke
(which I can only stomach when sick, is there a message here?)
Yep, I am just about wellish...
So I dug thru some old photos, so I could either smile
or cry, I am not sure which.
This is an old Polaroid of my son when he was about 2,
sittin on a very beautiful horse at the Colonial Cup
in Camden, SC (1990?).
He was so proud to be up there,
and well, it makes me smile and cry.

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  1. That is such a sweet photo. I am sorry you were sick! Glad you are feeling better and able to find a happy thought :-).


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