12 March 2009

Potential....of sprouts.

Yes, they are really quite small.....
Say, a quarter of an inch or so....
Brilliant green, leafy heads too heavy to hold up...
Such potential....
Mostly, herbs...
future accompaniments to salads, cheese, pasta,
all things good...
I love the potential of a seed,
so small that I can hardly place it...
Within days, really only 2 or 3,
there is the wispy, hair of new growth.
I can envision Pesto Pasta,
steaming in a bowl with grated Parmesan falling on top.
This is the favorite of the trio, I call "boys".
They are not really boys,
they are all old enough to vote, marry, buy cars,
and enlist, but I won't go there...
Pesto Pasta found it's way into the hearts
of my boys on a beach trip.
I was trying to stick to a very tight budget,
having jumped into the realm of "self-employed".
It was August and I knew the Basil plants
wouldn't make it long in the heat, and our absence.
So, I ripped them all out of the ground
and pulverised every remaining snippet
into the wonderful soup called pesto.
I froze it overnight and prayed
that it would season the two pounds of pasta.
It worked, and the boys loved it.
Now we do not go to the beach
without a large freezer baggie of the wonderful greenness
that is found in these leaves of potential.


  1. I've never grown basil from seed; the small plants are very inexpensive at the greenhouse I go to every spring.

  2. I buy plants too, just get so much out of seeds, sprouts, plants.....

  3. Sprouts...what hope in those seven letters, although pesto's even better.
    One summer Hubby and I made pesto from our garden grown basil. Even put it in ice cube trays to have later in the year. I doubt it lasted 2 days--it kept calling out to us and we ate every last bit of it:>)
    Lovely photos, and very sorry to read about your loss.


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