10 March 2009

The garden party has begun...

Yes, The maples have their red buds..
The Bradford Pears are in full bloom, even some green leaves,
the hydrangea has little Green sprouts all over,
daffodils are bent and crumpled....
Periwinkle is "purpleing out"
POLLEN is Everywhere.
My hands get itchy this time of year.
It' as though they can't wait
to feel the dirt beneath their nails.
And my feet long for the warmth of the spring sidewalk.
Gardening tools need cleaning,
hoses need replacing,
compost needs spreading,
and I can't wait.
The garden center is my heaven.
Statuary, tools, bags of loam,
gadgets, hanging ferns, and
Plants I've never owned.
New life.....
New attitude....
New beginnings....

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