06 June 2008


I love my new camera!!!!!
It came last Thursday, and I have been fooling around with it ever since.
David researched and decided that this was the camera for me.
I love that!
I have never had someone in my life that loved me enough to do a thing like that....... Of course my parents did. But it is not the same as when you are pretending to be an adult, and are all independent, and self sufficient.
I have had so much fun with it for the last few days and finally got around to downloading to my computer.
What fun!
We have guests this weekend,
lots of family, and many events to participate in....
That means photo-ops.

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  1. YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! For the camera... and for the man who loves you!


    P.S. Let's go play soon!


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