01 December 2008

What price serenity?

Well, this is the time of the year when most of us think about
the events of the preceding year,
their implications and ramifications.
I have spent so much of my life "worrying".
I have dwelled on the unimportant,
the silly, the unexplained, the misunderstood,
the fear......
I am trying very hard to ignore my impulses to
engage in the melancholy.
I am choosing to let it all go....
I am going to look forward to the New Year with
anticipation, as opposed to trepidation.
I don't need to understand it all.
I don't need to "fix" it all...
and most importantly, I don't need for everyone to like
or respect me....
I need to respect myself.
And this means that I don't need to compromise my ideals, values,
ethics, my life.....
I can take a stand, and if it is lonely, it is alright,
because I believe that there are others who feel the same loneliness,
and will understand.

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