27 November 2008


On this seemingly most American of holidays, I am grateful for many things....
I am grateful for the friends that picked me up out of the hole of despair I had fallen into during my divorce in 2002. They not only held me up, propped me up, cheered me up and boosted me up, they also encouraged me to save my money for a trip to Italy. Then, after many months of saving and planning, we went the first week of March 2003 (the same week the war in Iraq started).
This photo was taken in a small town on the Amalfi Coast, I could guess which, but I have no real recollection. I it is interesting to me as it is a photo of a father and daughter eating their lunch on the front steps of a building used as a Post Office. It reminds me of my observations that Italy, while a thriving country is still in many ways not quite in the 21st century. It is quieter and more easy-going than America, at least on the surface.
Back to us....
We are so very fortunate.
We have reliable electricity, food, water, and security on a level unknown in other parts of the world.
And, in many ways we are spoiled.
We take these things for granted.
These days we are starting to feel a bit of a pinch.
We are worried about where our 401k's are going.
It seems that we forget how very lucky we are.
I believe that everything will be alright.
God's in charge.

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