22 April 2008

I feel no need...

I feel no need to look 20 anymore.
I feel no need to plump my lips,
slim my hips,
whiten my teeth,
keep my age a secret,(50)
drive a soccer mom van,
get a tan,
dress for success,
the throngs to impress....
I feel no need to nip or tuck,
to inject or suction,
to change my chin(s),
or hide my flapping wings under long sleeves.
I am fifty years old,
I have earned every damn wrinkle,
fold, curve, vein, blotch,
and freckle.
I look like a fifty year old,
and not a tight lipped squinty eyed,
nipped and tucked prune.
I am so grateful for the women in my life,
who I admire and love, my mom, my grandmother, my aunts,
my friends, and mentors...all women who have enjoyed their
fifties, and even better,
have thrived in them.
I am the benefactor of so many confident, intelligent women
who do not place there personal value in what others think of them.
How lucky am I?

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