28 April 2008

Favorite things......

I am spoiled beyond belief.
My husband makes my coffee EVERY morning.
He meets me at the bottom of the stairs, smiling....and hugs me, kisses me and tells me he loves me, and asks (as though, he doesn't know) if I would like a cup o' joe.
"Yes" says I.
And off we go...
He to the coffee station, in our smaller than the average kitchen, and I stumble to the living room, hoping to wake sometime this century.
Soon, really soon, he rounds the corner with a steaming cup of heaven, and sweetly deposits it within reach, but not too close, as I am clumsy before noon.
I love all this attention.
I am a Leo after all.
Eight O' clock coffee (brand) is the freaking best. We buy the beans and grind them every morning. We are so adamant about this, that we take our own "coffee stash" with us when ever we travel.
Did I say that I am spoiled?
I love roses. I really love yellow roses, that climb. These are the first that I have picked this year. They smell like sweet butter.
I love Honey. Not in my coffee, but in my tea.
I love spring, not just because it puts an end to winter, but because things start to grow again. Take this Basil for instance, it is so fragrant that I can smell it as soon as I come down the stairs. Summer is on the way and basil will be growing like crazy in my garden. What is better than a fresh ensalada of tomato, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar?
I love my life.....

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  1. The absolute best coffee!!! Have you tried the Hazelnut? We buy it in bulk!

    And Target has it cheaper than Harris Teeter!


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