04 May 2013

Meet Freddie....

Do you see him?

Straddling the handle bar?

Trying to look all MACHO?

And non-chalant at the same time?

that's Freddie.
Contrary to popular opinion....

Freddie ain't dead....

(sorry for the 70's song reference, I couldn't help myself)

Well, anyway....I was minding my own bee's wax one day, 
visiting the local grocery, and there he was.....

bobbing his head up and down,

showing me that 

scarlet neck of his.....

strutting his stuff all over town.
(well actually all over the handle bar)

Letting me know he was AVAILABLE
A CATCH of the FIRST order.....
(bobbing furiously)

I had to stifle my laughter,
didn't want to embarras him....no, 
I am sure that some sweet thing came over as soon as I left the 

Soon, there will be little freddies all over the grocery parking lot!~


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