16 January 2012

Now where is that coat?....

made of Dalmatian puppies......

My guess is that Angelina Jolie has absolutely no idea that Cruella DeVille has already sported this look.

She is a pretty girl, I wonder why she is trying so hard to scare people away?

What do you think?


  1. Although this was not my favorite dress of the night, she did look stunning sitting at the dinner table during the show.... but now I totally get the Cruella comparison :-)

    I thought it was interesting that so many actresses wore "mermaid" or "fishtail" dresses-- I'm mostly not a fan. It was kinda a boring fashion evening but I thought Helen Mirren was as gorgeous as ever.

    Onto the Oscars! jj

  2. She needs to eat a couple of hamburgers and a milkshake. My goodness, what bony arms and shoulders she has. Looks bad in my opinion. Love the dress though,


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