07 November 2012

This, I believe....

with apologies to "Edward R. Murrow"...

This is a day of drawing upon our resources.....

Our resources of manners.

I was impressed last night at the 

grace of the defeated....

and the compassion of a winner.

I cannot express how weary I have become of this election process.


Letitia Baldridge died last week.

Some might attribute her advanced age,

I, on the other hand, suspect other factors......


I love "social media" and the new-found ability to communicate with others....


I have also seen the dark side of this medium....

I have found it necessary to "un-friend" family members,

who, for lack of another explanation, seem








Exclusionary opinion does not stand the test of time.

I love the United States of America.

I am so very grateful to be a citizen of this country.

My belief is that travel reinforces this belief.

I have studied the history of this land,

(and let me be very clear here)

no one person can save us,

and no one person can bring us down...

We are so much stronger.....

Good manners are the privilege of the free....

Good manners are the duty of the brave....


  1. You hit the nail on the head. When did everyone become so polarized that they feel it is OK to be rude and insulting when someone has a differing opinion? I have a few unfriended friends who I now feel I will have to unfriend in real life as well because they seem to have turned into belligerent maniacs. We will never all be on the same page but we are in the same country and hopefully we all love it and want what is best. No one person can be the answer. We have to work together and also be kind to one another. I vote for no bad manners! Thank you so much for this post!!!!

    1. Oh Pam thank you so very much! It has been such a trial hasn't it?.......smiles!

  2. BTW I linked to your post today. You stated this so eloquently.

  3. Replies
    1. I am so glad you agree, Kathy!.....I guess we are getting old.....smiles

  4. What a delightful and very true statement. A GREAT post. I have recently felt bad when visiting certain blogs that ...as you say...have forgotten their manners. Freedom of speech is one thing...rudeness and lack of compassion and understanding for those that do not believe exactly the same as you, is another.
    Hugs for your post!

    1. Mona, thank you so very much for your comments )public and private!) Your words have reminded me that there are truly good people in this world. Much love to you and your family!......smiles


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