17 July 2012

things are piling up around here....

it's not as though I feel pressure to change .....
I really don't.

But for those who do not collect things,
it might look like a problem.

I have a weakness for 
certain objects....


To be completely honest, I come by this quirk naturally,
all but two of the above stack have been brought to me by my 
Father. Publisher's Clearing House has made a lot of money through
 this family weakness I've inherited. 

some of them....well, I cannot manage to toss them out....

in some instances, I've been very grateful for that too.....I have most editions of the now defunct  "Domino" magazine, with their nifty little tags....I love them....

Then there is a strong urge to collect fabric....
this too is inherited....
my father once gave my mother a bumper sticker that said
"Those who die with the most fabric....WIN!"

I feel my collection shows great restraint.....

having two sewing machines of basically the same model might seem 
strange....but I found the more modern one at a Goodwill for $4.95...no lie!
It was "jammed" and apparently, no one knew how to deal with that....so they thought it was useless.
I have jammed so many sewing machines in my day, I cannot tell you.....shhhh, don't tell my mother!

Then, as you may know, I am totally helpless when it comes to 
I have made homemade fabric softener.....(I like it!)
I have made recipes.......(I like them too....)
and now, I have the makings of homemade laundry detergent.....(I hope I am on a roll...)

I also collect
Vintage Cookbooks
Diner china 
Wooden frames
Paper ephemera
Polaroid cameras
just about any graphics from the 1960-70's....
my closets are full.....

Now to change the topic just a bit....
I have the sweetest father-in-law....EVER!
We went to Cincinnati last month to visit, and while there,
Mr.'Sweetie" (FIL) shyly hands me my present....a handmade leather 
luggage tag! I love it!.....and like a good DIL I make a big deal of it.
We weren't home a whole week and whoop-tee-doo he mailed me
two more tags.....love that man!
(now, I know where my personal sweetie got his loveliness)

I hope your day is filled with smiles......

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