04 July 2012

American's Generosity......visited.

Have you ever had your home 

That is exactly what dozens of 
Americans are dealing with 
Forth of July....

devastation on a scale that most 
Americans will never experience.

In the western parts of our beautiful country,
wildfires are taking a toll 
on families and communities,
rich and poor.

The America
we celebrate today is a generous land...
filled with people that want to help,
defend and support our fellow countrymen (and women).

That is why 
we continue to exist, me thinks.....

Because we, as a people, love the 
the "down-trodden"
the "huddled masses, yearning to be free".

We love the idea of coming together 
to help lift someone up,
when they need it the most.

So consider this....

What can we do to help those
fellow patriots, today?

you may be inspired by this article...
a personal account of a family touched by an arsonist's 

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