13 November 2011


People Who Don't Respond To Invitations!


Don't respond promptly.....


I don't even require a definitive answer...
simply an acknowledgement of the invitation would be 

Here's what the deal boils down to..
I love to entertain around the holidays.
My sweetie also likes to have people to our home.
We like the planning even....

once Halloween is over,
I usually pull up the calendar on my Mac
and start to scheme...

I love to have as many as can come...
especially at Thanksgiving.
We have children with parents other than ourselves,
so we are aware that the kids may not be with us on that day.
We also have extended family near by. 
We have friends with no family near by.
We like to extend our invitation to others, who have 
no place to go for dinner that day.
We can make it work.

I send the invitations 
early, so that consultations and plans can be adjusted,
if need be. I even gave a "drop dead" response date in the form
of "Please respond by;"

why don't people,
at the very least,
respond with something like
"I received the invitation, and we are still making our plans. We will let you know asap!"


Not one acknowledgement...
except my parents,
who are delighted to be a part of...
and confirmed that the invitation went out.

Is this what you experience?
Do you entertain?
Does your family respond?

What about birthday parties?
Do you host them?
Do people respond to your invitations?

Last May,
I hosted a bridal shower 
sent honest to goodness printed 
invitations of heavy card stock 
(which I love)
and slightly half of the invitees responded.
People attended that never acknowledged my invitation.
What's that all about?

If you have a tried and true method of 
please share....
I am starting to feel a bit desperate...


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I fel like I've just read something that came straight from my own mind! hahaha I 100% agree :)

  2. This drives me insane! This year alone we've hosted two large parties where headcount was necessary for both seating and food.

    I miss Emily Post.

  3. You and me both!!! This drives me nuts.

    When my step daughter got married 2 years ago none of the 20-30-somethings RSVP'd. At a gathering a month prior a bunch of them were there and I asked the to PLEASE just send the RSVP card back (You know-- the one with the stamp and address already on it!) One idiot actually put the ENTIRE invitation in a manila envelope and sent the whole thing back WITHOUT completing the RSVP card-- and she was in the bridal party!

    I wish I had an answer to get people to be polite and respond promptly but I don't have a clue.

    Hang in there.

  4. Hi Ellen, I think it's symptomatic of a lot of cultural sloppiness, bad manners, and not knowing what to do when a real communication arrives in a mailbox. It would drive me mad, too!

    We don't entertain so I don't have a lot of advice. :)

    I'm sure it will all be wonderful anyway.

    xo – g

  5. It is so frustrating and I have experienced it myself. Don't know what the answer is. I think maybe people are on overload and can't process all the information that is thrown their way. Still, a personal hand-written invitation that comes in the mail should take precedence...At least you know that you're not alone!

  6. ELLEN! THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE PET PEEVE…besides people who pick their nose in the car and think we can't see them…HELLO people. Get with it.

    I heart you…Happy Thanksgiving


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