17 October 2011

Fall weddings are lovely....

I have proof....
regardless of our age...
we still fall in love...
and when that happens,
sometime magical is
likely to occur...
I had the pleasure of photographing
the wedding of Jean and Charlie,
who beamed like teenagers...
and were giddy until the very last guest left..
Happy days!

Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at Shutterfly.com.

Nope I don't receive anything special from Shutterfly....
I simply have found their site to be easy to use...
and I can purchase fun, interesting products that I design.

Try it sometime for gifts..


  1. I have made at least 50 gifts from shutterfly photo books I've created. Easy, fun...and they often go on sale.

  2. Aww, the bride is so beautiful. Great job on the book. I haven't used Shutterfly before but I have made some books on my Mac.

    Thanks for sharing. xo jj

  3. This is such a great idea. A very creative concept and you did an excellent job on the photographs. My daughter just got married in June and I can't wait to get some of the photos for framing.

  4. Wonderful photos, Ellen! What a cute couple. Have a great wknd!


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