12 May 2011

Went to a Garden Party...

this song takes me back...

Holy Cow!
it says it's from August 1985....
I was 28 years old,
which takes me to the point...

I am co-hosting
a bridal shower at the end of the month
for my step-daughter (28 yrs. old).

Because of the large number of out of town guests,
she wanted to be able to invite her future in-law family to
a shower, here in her hometown.

Makes sense to me.

Because I am just about the only person 
who lives here, I have been doing a lot things
that it would be unrealistic to leave until the week before
the wedding.

I have made dozens of decisions....
all of them will effect others...
Sometimes I get a little worried about how they will react.
It's not that I have any trouble making decisions.
I know what I like.
I do not want to "be the boss" of this occasion.
whenever I feel the need to worry,
I think about the lesson Ricky Nelson sings of...
"learned my lesson well,
you see you can't please everyone,
so you gotta please yourself"
Amen, brother!


  1. It's a great lesson.....of which we can all benefit from remembering.

  2. Absolutely PJ!
    thank you for visiting!.....smiles.


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