03 May 2010

Not my daughters, but...

I have to say that I wish they were.
These are the daughters of my best friend f(rom the age of 5....)
Their mother and I have always been close.
I watched her raise them.
They are two of the most beautiful women, inside and out.
The occasion of this photo is the wedding
of the one on the right, 
Jennifer. She is joined by Lisa, her younger sister.
I love the down to earth attitude that Jennifer exhibits.
She did not want to marry in a "Big Church Wedding".
She and her beau decided to marry on
the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend. 
How sweet is that?

I would have to say that I understand 
the thinking that goes into this 
The stress of planning a wedding can 
tear a couple apart.
Trying to please everyone is 
mind numbing.

Cheers to Jennifer and Tate!

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