12 February 2010

Spring nearly here!

Isn't this bracelet beautiful?
It inspired me to get moving and start working again.
I am ignoring my stuffy head right now.

is a jewelry artist.
She has been my friend for years.
We have seen husbands come and go.
Usually with great flair.
We have seen each other through
good times and bad.
My silly troubles have been very small 
compared with hers.

And so,
when she called with a need 
to have her spring collection photographed.
how could I possibly be sick?

work helps me to feel better,
I think because I am not concentrating on myself.

this is just a small example of her work.
I will show more as I get more done.

I have linked to her name above,
but she is not sold online,
mostly in museums, galleries, and boutiques.
One of the tabs on her sight will show you where.

Have a great Friday,
and weekend,
and again,
thank you to all who have 
encouraged me through this silly head cold.


  1. This bracelet is beautiful! i love the colors ;)

  2. Excellent! Thanks for bringing her work to us.

  3. I just went and took a peek...WOW! Lovely jewelry!

  4. I went and took a peak even before I finished reading your post...only to discover that she isn't available on line. No goodski for me. Her stuff is beautful. Really beautiful

  5. Great work - hope you are feeling better!


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