27 December 2010

The BAKW.....winter version....

I spent a good portion of the day in front of my 
Big Ass Kitchen Window
taking in the sites....

Yesterday's bird photos were all taken there....

And yesterday evening,
as my sweetie made us dinner,
I started the afternoon coffee and sat down to watch
a bit more of the bird soap opera...

People were venturing out,
walking dogs,
playing in the snow,
clearing their front porches,
getting their mail from last week....

I love my BAKW!
It is my window on the world.
The bird feeder is only a few feet outside and
the birds hardly notice me, inside.

Hope your day is calm 
and bright...


  1. Beautiful pictures. How often do you get snow in your area?

  2. Wow!!! I love your BAKW, too!

  3. We even got snow this time, Ellen. I still want to make a reservation for sitting at your breakafast nook in front of that window. :)

  4. We get snow rather infrequently, maybe once a year...
    All are welcome at this BAKW....it is the favorite place for my girlfriends when they come for a cup o' joe! ....smiles.


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