17 November 2010

Sewing Adventures....

They are finally finished....
those 3 silk blouses that I agonized over...
and squirmed each time I looked at the folded
fine silk laying on my sewing desk.

I worried,
bargained (in my head)
and looked very hard for someone who would take on the task
of transforming the luscious threads into something 

then I gave up, or in.....
and sought out patterns to make for myself.

Curtains, yes...
pillows, yes....
handbags, yes....
clothing, Oh *#&# no!

I started slow,
and prayed each and every time 
that I put the presser foot down.
and finally,
I have finished.

I just might start wearing them next week....

This first one was a bear!
I tackled it last,
and I am very glad too,
the "cross-over" neckline had me flummoxed....

I had to take out the two front seams, twice...

this one was a breeze, it is simply
2 squares (front) and one rectangle (back).

but this is my favorite!
I love paisley...
and this fabric is especially yummy,
thick, heavy as cream, silk
that worked very easily.
Not the simplest thing I have ever done, 
but probably the most satisfying.

And because the fabric was so expensive,
I didn't throw one scrap away,
I simple started sewing them all together and made a 
couple of scarfs...crazy quilt style....

These are my Christmas gift to me...


  1. WOW! I'm over the moon impressed~ they are beautiful (I remember you showing me the fabric)COngratulations

  2. I'm impressed too! Just popped over from Mental P Mama's blog to check yours out! Very creative. :)

  3. Wow, wow WOW!!!!!!

    LOVE them all! And the scarfs!!!

    Genius! :)

  4. Beautiful! So glad you were able to complete them.

  5. Oh, my goodness!! These are STUNNING! I am really impressed that you tackled these and finished them. Bravo!! You'll look gorgeous in them. xo – g

  6. WOW! These are all gorgeous! I am duly impressed!

  7. Really lovely....sumptuous!!! And I love the scarves too!!!

  8. Nice work, Ellen! I admire anyone who can sew, I cannot sew a stitch. Have a great wknd!


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