08 November 2010

And, they had to ask....

Do you suffer from Delusional Holiday Gift Sewing?

The magazine

Now let me set the record absolutely straight....
I am not an accomplished seamstress.
I am not an enthusiastic sewer even....
I always pray before putting the presser foot down....
especially lately.

My sweet baboo spent an extended business trip in 
Shanghai recently.

On previous trips,
he asked what I might like....
I said pearls.
He brought me 
and a ring!

I love them all 
and frankly, am a bit 
humbled that he would
go to so much trouble,
and expense.

as he was packing for this trip,
he asked again,
"What can I bring you?"
I was prepared this time.
I said that I would love some silk fabric,
so that I could make a blouse.

He came back with the most luxurious fabric you could ever imagine.
And his business partner mentioned how expensive it was.....

So, you see.....
when I sat down to pick a pattern for this fabric,
I was especially cognizant of the difficulty of each 

I have completed 2 out of the three patterns I chose.
(They are being completed by a monkey with 12 thumbs,...me.)

My eyesight is in transition,
and thus, 
I can hardly thread the needle.

back to the 
"Question From Vogue Magazine"...
the answer is 


I apparently got all cocky....
(you get the picture),
because I started to plan to make all 
of my Christmas gifts.....

Handbags for girlfriends,
scarfs for others,
felt phone covers for guys,
hats for others,
laptop protectors for some,
and simple stockings for others.....

What am I thinking?

It is November 8th for Pete's Sake!

Guess I should be grateful that a magazine 
brought me back down to earth....

Now, I wonder where that glue gun is?


  1. Can't wait to see the finished blouses and all the other items - May as well get a hat, you are officially an ELF!

  2. Ohhhhh. Cannot wait to see the silk;) And please send me some of your talent. And a glue gun. My needle-threading days are done.

  3. You're making all your Christmas gifts? And with a sewing machine? God bless you, Ellen! You are a better person than I!!!


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