13 September 2010

I was a guest....

and that was a good thing...

I attended a very special wedding this weekend.

I was not the photographer for this event,
but a friend of mine was....
and she was working quite hard.

It seems that the family had a friend that showed up 
to shoot the wedding too.
I am not sure which side of the family,
but let's just say that this is a huge 
"faux pas". 
(Big mistake)

When hiring a photographer for an event such as 
a wedding, it is wise to read your contract carefully,
and ask if the shooter minds someone else shooting too.
Believe me, it will already be covered in the contract.

A wedding is a very emotionally charged event.

and people act strangely at times
(double Duh!)

and well.....the very last thing you want to do
is pay someone to capture the moment, and
then allow "Uncle Festus" to 
get in their way
(triple-dog Duh!)

there it is...a little bit of advice for all you 
Baby Boomers, like me who have children,
who might just be getting married soon....
don't invest your money, and then sabotage
the whole process.



  1. Great advice, Ellen! Hope you are well.

  2. Ugh. Uncle Festus is forewarned;)

  3. Excellent advice! And don't you think it was the grooms family who brought in their "Uncle Festus"?

    That bouquet was gorgeous!

  4. Very possibly...smiles.

  5. Very sage advice, Ellen. Something that might get overlooked but as you say, oh, so important! I've shot a few weddings but found it way to stressful. I love the candids you captured at this one without the pressure! – g


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