12 August 2010

Life expectancy...

I was listening to NPR,
and they were talking about 
life expectancy.

They suggested that everyone should google
for a life expectancy calculator,
and then 
take the online survey to 
receive an estimate 
of how long they should live,
their lifestyle,
family history,
general health,
you get the picture.

this is what popped up;

"Your calculated life expectancy is 102 years"

what am I going to do 
when all my friends 
and family 
are gone?

Who will I hang with?
Who will find my teeth for me?
What if none of our children choose to have children of their own?
Do I really believe that Social Security will last that long?

but wait...
that means that I truly am

I am 53 years old this week,
so 53 really is the new 43.....

Does this mean that I can now
have my mid-life crisis?
I already drive a fast little red car...
a Honda Fit.
and I don't act like my mother did 
when she was 53....
of course, I hardly remember since I was 
29, and only thought 
I mattered.......

here is the question...
Have you taken one of these 
What did you come up with?
Do you believe the results?

Let me know what your results are...
here is the 
calculator I used

Please let me know,
even if you answer anonymously....
I want to know,
an "enquiring mind" don't cha' know....


  1. LOL...okay. Going there now...

  2. Oh dear, 105. We need to make some plans....

  3. I actually have that "real age" book that has the huge survey with more than 100 questions......haven't taken it yet. Maybe I'll try your link....

  4. 85....which is about the age people die in my family.

  5. I'll "only" live to be 97; that means I have 46 years to go!

  6. Definitely have to rethink things for living over 100. I got too worried at what the result would be once I filled in all the stress factors... So not sure I believe these questionnaires but too chicken to find out! :)


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