19 November 2009

I heart me some...

I always have...
ever since my mother,
in an effort to have
 one minute of peace in her life....
handed me a magazine
 and some "kiddie scissors"..
and said I could cut out
 all the pictures I wanted to...
that way just the beginning.

I have an obsession...
Yes, I think that word is not too strong to describe
the feelings toward periodicals....
I currently receive 4,
maybe 5 different ones each month...
but that is only because I am trying to be
economically responsible,
ecologically sound,
less mentally un-balanced....
But you should see my closet....
let me take you there,
(pretend we are walking to my bedroom)
now in here (closet)
I keep my stash...
Looky here
I have Martha's rag dating back to the 90's...
House Beautiful...ah... she gets her own spot too..
and Architectural Digest, he's such a snob...I put him off on his own to
think about just how important is a "label"...
there are those that tug at my heart strings...
Met Home, Cottage Living,
and of course,
well, what can I say?

I actually get an endorphin rush
when my husband (sweetie) comes in from the
mailbox and announces that there are several magazines for me.....
Is that so wrong?

Well, I am trying to
bring a new light to this problem.
I want to be healthy in my attitudes...
I have been making regular attempts to
a legitimate

Here is the thing.
They produce a fabulous display.
great images...
very good info...
current trends....
interesting articles...
all good.

in reality...
they just don't
fold back on themselves,
or sit on the floor next to my bed,
wait for me on my favorite chair....
or allow me to get out the
"kiddie scissors"....


  1. I find this to be a creative and harmless endeavor. I find that I buy them, but then never read them. Too many blogs, books, and other distractions. I really liked Oprah's for a while, but then got tired of all the ads. I think that is what has turned me off from magazines - all those ads - and all the hardstock inbetween the pages. Not to mention all the stuff that falls out when you open them. The magazine industry lost me - glad they have hung on to you! I really don't want them to go away.

  2. Publishers of all paper products have neglected to embrace the internet in time.....to save themselves...pretty sad.


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