15 September 2009

Capturing light....

It seems that you can capture light in glass....
No...I know that is not really true,
but take a look...
It appears that the light is coming from inside the glass.
But, it is not.
I love taking glass around the house, out
on the deck, down to the patio,
even on the floor in front of the kitchen window...
I play with the position until I see something...
I can't tell you exactly what I look for....
but I can show you.
See how the photo above shows a certain clarity?
See how the wood that the glass is sitting on
doesn't appear to be "in the light"?
See how there appears to be ripples in the glass?
I have to admit
that I collect "art glass".
Not now, there is little money for that right now...
but in the past I have collected a wide variety of
glass, blown, not molded.
My hero would be Chihuly...
but finding interesting glass is not necessarily an
expensive hobby....
the glass above came from the dollar store....


  1. I love glass, too. I like all kinds of glass. Chihuly would be the ultimate, wouldn't it?

  2. Cool photo! I love blown glass too and once worked in an art gallery that carried it, I spent most of my pay there!

  3. You bet cha'....smiles.


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