12 June 2009

Who could compete with these beauties?

Truth stranger than fiction....
reality better than man-made.....
Nature at her best.....
What can I say?
These hydrangeas are right outside my front door.
They blow me away every time I walk out......
I absolutely love them.
I really want to cut them all and bring them inside,
where it isn't 95 degrees and humid.
But then I think they just might like that
sort of sauna saturated stuff.
I don't.
I have hot flashes.
If you have had hot flashes, you know.
If you haven't, just wait.
If you are a man,
why are you still reading?


  1. I absolutely adore hydrangeas! I love they way you went from hydrangeas to hot flashes - as someone who knows something about hot flashes, I'm definitely still reading and laughing!

  2. The Summer rain is now pelting them,
    they are smiling.


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