24 June 2009

Are we anonymouse?......

I know....
a weird play on words....
But it begs the question..
Are we mice or women?
Do you share your blog with your family?
I was "surfing" and found the question via
Andrea at
I have shared with my son, and one friend that lives out of state.
and my husband, who probably doesn't ever look at it.
My life is an open book to these three.
Sometimes I use this as a safe spot to vent feelings.
Usually my feelings are pretty apparent, anyway,
but occasionally, I just want to let it all hang out.
Not everyone can handle my venting.
My son is an old soul, and has wisdom beyond his years...
he blogs too.....
My friend probably doesn't have the time to read me much.
She is "Uber-busy".
Is it cowardly to keep these blogs from our family?
I don't think so....
Everyone needs a place to be completely themselves, without
fear of recriminations..
I find sharing with those who only know me here
to be very freeing.
Thank you.


  1. I don't keep my blogging secret, but most of my family doesn't read it.

    However, when I saw Son #2 over the weekend, he obviously was up-to-date on everything I was doing. It was a bit disconcerting. I'd start to tell him something, and he could finish the story, because he already knew it!

  2. My family doesn't read my blog, although they could if they wanted to. I reckon I share enough at home:>)
    I'm more worried about work finding my blog and throwing a fit. I agree with you that it's a relieving feeling to be able to write/speak our minds within this forum and receive the support that we do for simply being ourselves--just as we are.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.