27 February 2009

The light is flat today.....

Today is a day for playing "small ball",
for appreciating the things that we do everyday,
or just everyday actions that make our lives
opening a new bottle of lotion,
seeing the buds on the maple tree swelling to red,
watching the birds on the feeder,
or the blue birds fighting for territory,
finding just the right "Phillips" head screw for the repair,
listenig to the click, click, click of the big hallway clock,
or the giggle of little girls down the sidewalk,
signing the tax forms and mailing them,
getting a phone call from one of the kids,
talking to my mother on the phone,
clean clothes,
lemon scented Pledge,
lavendar scented dish soap,
no deadlines,
physically pain free,
mental optimism,
and most of all,

1 comment:

  1. All wonderful awarenesses...

    I'm seeing a lot of spring bulbs starting to push up. Saw the first tree with swollen buds while I was out walking yesterday. Those type of things make me smile.


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