19 March 2008

By the sea...

I just love the coast.
I love going down to the beach,
sitting in the sand, exploring for shells,
salty wind in my hair.
I love the sound of waves on the shore.
I love the warm glowing feeling of having been
in the sun just a little bit too long.
I love the meals that we make at the beach, fresh seafood,
fresh melons from the roadside stand, and tomatoes!
I love meeting friends at the beach, as they too are on
vacation, and therefore, much more relaxed and
liable to put aside their "work faces".
Real smiles.
AND lest I forget, my favorite,
BEACH MUSIC! Sand in my shoes,
washed ashore, under the boardwalk, Oh my!
I am so fortunate to have grown up at a time that
was safe and carefree.
The beach I remember from my teens is no longer in
existence, it is covered with condos.
BUT, in my memory it is so vivid, so real,
I can almost taste it.
That's why I paint.

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