15 September 2008

Long ago and far away....

It seems like a million years ago.
But in reality it was only 25 years or so...
We were young, making money, spending it,
traveling, carefree....
We had no children,
we had few bills....
We were young, foolish and happy...
We visited St. Augustine, Fl.
We moved on.
We got "real" jobs,
made tons of money,
bought homes,
had children,
got involved in PTA's,
made Kool-aid, cookies, after school snacks,
cup cakes, birthday cakes, patty cakes,
We nursed sick children,
helped them with homework,
got them off to college,
and now we are re-connecting to the
carefree people that we once were.
trouble is.....not everyone wants to
We can't always understand why friends want to
Did we do something they can't forgive?
Were we not there for them when they needed us?
are there other memories that they simply cannot tolerate,
that by simply being with us they cannot ignore?
It is so strange.
So hard to fathom...
We may never know the reasons.
Maybe we aren't meant to....


  1. Sometimes we become someone new - and don't want to be the person we used to be. And part of that change includes leaving the past in the past - people, especially, that could remind us of who we used to be. Sometimes the change is for the better, and sometimes it's just a change. Either way - it hurts - but you're probably better off...

    And P.S. - us "new" friends think you're a wonderful treasure!

  2. Thank you!
    Melancholy is part of menopause....
    Que Sera, Sera...


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