29 May 2008


This time of year is so wrapped up in anticipation...
The end of the school year, the beginning of summer, kids coming home from college.. All of it is enough to put your average person in a constant state of anxiousness.
My days have filled with wonderful sights and smells. Everything seems to have decided to bloom, all at once. It is almost too much. I am not too terribly affected by the pollen, just a little stuffiness. Unfortunately, almost everyone I know is completely "clogged" with the stuff of spring.
These hydrangeas are new to our garden. They are regal in their approach to color. Starting out as a subtle pale green, and emerging as a stunning blue profusion tinged with white. Splendid.
Cedar mulch has transformed the front yard. When wet, it is refreshing, and comforting at the same time. Interesting. I guess it might be a memory thing, since warm wool blankets often smell of cedar when first removed from their summer hiding places.
Today is overcast, and cool. I plan to spend the day with several of my favorite people, and end the day with girlfriends for dinner.
How perfect can it get?

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