27 March 2008

Spring has truly sprung.
It is 65 degrees, and rising. The bird are heavily intoxicated with pollen, and singing their hearts out. (lookin' for love in all the wild places)
The photo is of a abalone shell that belonged to my grandmother, Bess. She brought it home from a summer trip, as a girl. I remember it sitting on her mantle when I would visit her in my youth. Whenever I catch it out of the corner of my eye, sitting so sweetly on my mantle, I think of her. She was gone by the time I turned 19. She had a inner strength that I hope I have inherited. I am pretty sure I have....
Life is such a surprise.
One lesson after another.
Each opening up new insight to the next.
We never really know...
not without retrospect.
I am so very fortunate.

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